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Heres what flowers are about

We are designers and artists who love people and happen to work with flowers. Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers! But the biggest value that we’ve got going on here is that we think people are the most important thing. In fact, we believe flowers are at their best when they are magnifying the human experience: in the hands of a bride, on the desk of a job promotion, or the bedside of a new mother. We’re here to celebrate and honor the milestones of your life with exquisitely crafted, high design.

what better way to celebrate people than with a gorgeous bunch of blooms?

our Story

a Tale of Samesies-Same Same

Two event florist, starting two separate businesses at the same time in the same city. With an almost identical philosophy of flowers, business and design esthetic, our mutual admiration for each other professionally soon bloomed (sorry) into a very real 4 hour conversation in Westport about what it would look like to merge our two businesses into something new.

Sometimes life lines up in all the right ways and here we are, bringing our pieces together in a way that feels like it was always meant to be. And yes, even our names are almost the same, Amyann & Amy (beep-boop!).

meet the team

From early on, Amyann's creative pursuits have always been found in what she could make with her hands. From ceramics to leather work, sketching, painting and photography, she has always felt "at home" in the world of fine arts. Her love for travel has informed her perception of beauty to be diverse and inclusive and sparked a natural curiosity for the details that delight. She attributes her adaptability to being the youngest of 8 children, which has served her well in the ever-changing, fast-paced event world. You should know that Amyann is also incredibly motivated by snacks and ice-cream. A newlywed, you may find Amyann and hubby Andrew walking their little pup, Waffle though their neighbhorhood.

Amyann plemons


amy loux

With a background in theater, costume and set-design, Amy has always had a natural love for creating worlds that evoke emotion. Over the last decade, she’s spent her time in Kansas City honing her flower craft and design voice.

When she’s not gushing with brides over all the beautiful things that are happening in the wedding world, she’s filling up her iPhone with pictures of her 3 children, Millie, Arthur and George. She’s been happily married to the kindest man she’s ever known, Nick, for the past 9 years. And frankly, she has no self-control when it comes to eating pizza.


If you’re looking for a youthful, romantic & whimsical take on flowers, we’re your PEOPLE.

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